April 25, 2016
WideBino28 was entirely renewed in April 2016 - the optical quality, usability and versatility are all dramatically improved. The detailed information is following:
- Optics -
While keeping the excellent optical design as it was, the polishing accuracy has been improved, and adding very high transmission broadband multi-coating on every optical surface - resulting higher sharpness and better image contrast than the former model's.
- Interpupillary Distance -
The minimum interpupillary distance of the former model was 58mm - a little too wide for some users. It's now down to 52mm, covering almost all the people including young children.
- Diopter Range -
The diopter range to focus infinity was rather narrow in the former model - any shortsighted person whose eyes were below -4 diopter couldn't reach the infinity focus. Now it comes down further - anybody whose eyes are over -6 diopter can reach the infinity focus.
- Eyecup -
Galilean telescope system has no eye-relief. The best way to see the widest field of view is to "press" your eyes close to the eye lenses. Therefore, it's essential to see through WideBino28 with your naked eyes. The distance between the eyecup end and the eyelense surface was 7mm in the former model, but it's now 5mm. You don't have to press your eyes so tightly to the eye-lenses to see the widest field of view.
- Size & Weight -
The new model is 3mm shorter in the width and 25-grams lighter than the former one.
- Strap -
There were no strap holders in the former model and it was inconvenient to wear it during the observations. Now two strap holders are added on both sides, and a neckstrap comes as a standard accessory. A 255-gram lightweight unit can be pulled around your neck without any stress - you can use it anytime you want to see.The inside size of the strap holder is large enough as 10mm length / 3mm width - switchable to other fasionable straps for mobiles or compact cameras.
<Comparison of Former / New WideBino28>
@ <Former>@@WideBino28 <New>@@
Clear Aperture 40mm 40mm
Power 2.3x 2.3x
Field of View 28K 28K
Coating Fully Multi-Coating High-Transmission Broadband Multi-Coating
Max. Dimensions 123mm x 43mm x 50mm 123mm x 40mm x 50mm
Weight 280g 255g
Interpupillary Distance 58mm - 73mm 52mm - 73mm
Diopter Range to focus infinity > -4 diopter > -6 diopter
Focusing mechanism IF IF
Eyecup Depth 7mm 5mm
Strap Holders N/A Two (both sides)
Standard Accessories Front & Rear Dustcovers
Soft Carrying Case
Front & Rear Dustcovers
Neckstrap, Soft Carrying Case
Price JPY14,000 JPY15,000
Kasai Trading Co., Ltd.
5-19-33, Kami-Meguro, Meguro-Ku, Tokyo 153-0051, JAPAN